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Who are you, and What?

what Is your, “I am?”

Express it in 6 words or less, put it on

warning label apparel and wear It out.


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What we are?

An apparel company, duh?  Warning label garment is an external expression of one’s internal self; we call it the “introversion-extroversion” theory. This theory is focused on the fact that everyone has something about themselves that they want to express to the world, aka your “inner warning”. We encourage you to wear this inner warning on the outside with a warning label garment. It feels so good doing so too because you'll love the fit and plush of this super soft t-shirt..


Who wears Warning Label Apparel?

Warning Label Apparel is for U (you!). U, are driven with passion, and modified by the evolution of expressive fashion, Warning Label Apparel is for U, who wants to wants to be seen as well as heard.  Whatever the mood; fun n flirty, intellectual, sophisticated, sassy, easy-breezy, or bold & brash warn the world, I am walking here. U are an Warning Label Apparelist! Enter the room, everyone will stop and stare. So… to answer your question everyone needs to wear it.


The Warning Label Apparel Experience

The initial introduction of a Warning Label Apparel garment to your life, is a refashioning experience. Our intent is not to cause an abundance of confidence, or create an exasperation of your social life. I warn u; these reactions do arise.   Once you’ve experienced the enlightening feeling of the previous and aforementioned; Warning Label Apparel garment. Then good for you, I warned u.com.


Please enjoy responsibly!

Warning Label Apparel LLC 2021 All rights Reserved.




"I am doing this because i need to prove myself, to myself." 

― Demetrius King